Soundproofing, Acoustics and the Soundscape of Nature in Architecture

Humans experience context through the five senses. As designers of context and, in turn, the human experience, architects plan spaces and erect buildings to alter these senses and create unique environments. It may be thought that designers are merely associated with visuals, while acousticians handle a space’s audio dynamics (Fowler), architects continue to grow more mindful of acoustic design in ... Read More

Master Plan – Design Process: Ormara Resorts

The Ormara Resorts master plan was developed keeping in mind the need for housing in the area as well as creating a stimulating setting to reside for the users. Upon this research was conducted on high-density housing and boulevard design to prepare residential plots of land juxtaposed by a commercial axis while leading into the resorts at the extremes of ... Read More

Low-Cost Housing Solutions

Low-cost housing solutions constitute not only sustainable, low-cost choice of materials but also smart and sustainable interior planning and space allocation. There are a range of sustainable materials that can be utilized in low-cost housing which we shall discuss ahead. By simply making smarter decisions when it comes to the planning and structure, utilizing conventional building materials can actually save ... Read More

Construction’s Impact on Air Quality

INDOOR AIR QUALITY & FACTORS IN DESIGNING A HEALTHY BUILDING Air quality in interiors is known as IAQ which provides an indication of the pollution or level of cleanliness in the air indoors affecting the health and comfort of building occupants. There are numerous sources of air pollution that can be categorized as coming from outdoor sources that make their ... Read More

Economy’s Impact on Pakistan’s Construction Industry

Out of Pakistan’s total population, 37 % resides in urban areas while about 64 % resides in rural areas. There is a continuous growing demand for housing in both categories while urban areas, specifically Karachi; the commerce heart of the country, require extensive investment in public infrastructure. With the recent economic fluctuations owing to political upheavals, climate change and the ... Read More

Water Treatment Basics

Drainage systems greatly determine the safety and health within urban life by managing wastewater effectively. Having a proper drainage system can help prevent flooding in flat and low-level areas, which can pose health risks and damage to property. An effective drainage system can be designed to remove all the excess water without causing citizens any inconvenience. Stormwater and sewerage can ... Read More

Convention Centre – Architecture in Karachi

Aerial View of the Convention Centre
A Narrative of Space The design phase of an architecture project involves a variety of rigorous steps. From site analysis, to conceptual schematics, to architecture plan drawings, an architect needs to possess meticulous attention to detail throughout and fully consider all the site conditions and produce a resulting design optimal for the context. Environmental factors, urban networks, surrounding architecture, and ... Read More

7 Acres Theme-Park Design and Planning

The census conducted in 2017 states that Nawabshah has a population of around 280,000 people. It lies roughly near the center of Sindh and serves as a significant train and road transport hub for the province. From providing archaeological excavation sites to having fertile soil fit for agriculture, Nawabshah has been well playing its geographic and economic role. Despite such ... Read More

Multipurpose Denim Production Facility

Central and Collaborative Bridge Space The liberty in design that comes with industrial architecture takes a very coherent and cohesive shape. As the dynamics of the manufacturing industry sets its demands in front of the design and planning organization, the challenge becomes more complex. For more than a century the 'form ever follows function' principle has been leading the minds ... Read More

PEB Structures for Labs and Warehousing

Pre-Fab Structure
The concept of Pre-Engineered Building includes steel building systems which are prefabricated and pre-designed. As suggested by the name, this method requires pre-engineering of structural elements using an existing archive of building materials and manufacturing techniques, providing a wide range of selections to fulfill the structural and aesthetic design requirements. The BMD (Bending Moment Diagram) of the sections can vary ... Read More