Our engineering team is fundamental to our integrated approach to design and build. You can be confident that your build will conform to all the relevant building codes and regulations. Thanks to the sound knowledge and skills of our engineers who work closely with our architects to ensure that essential construction and service requirements are considered from the beginning. This results in fewer delays and fewer compromises for your project, saving money and time.

Civil engineering

Our civil engineers undertake everything to do with the constructed environment. This includes planning regulations, managing construction and maintenance of building structures, and overseeing services such as water and sewage systems.

Structural engineering

Our structural engineers ensure that commercial and residential buildings are structurally safe for your peace of mind. That includes ensuring they can resist all connected structural loads, including earthquake, wind, and rain.

Mechanical engineering/HVAC

Services like heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) play a crucial role in industrial and commercial buildings. Our team will make sure your relation with the building is healthy with the correct level of indoor air quality.

Electrical engineering

Our electrical engineers get involved at the initial design stage to ensure power and lighting provision is considered from the outset. This includes the installation of essentials like fire-alarms and other smart systems that help achieve maximal building automation.


Water is an essential of life. Our team puts the need for clean water and transportation of waste at the very heart of your building design. Planning it from the right stage means better solutions, saving money and maintaining the integrity of your design.

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