Arts & Culture Centre’s Master Plan by Landscape PLC

The Arts & Culture Centre’s master plan developed by Landscape PLC promises to redefine the landscape of Pakistan’s cultural identity. From meticulous research and thoughtful analysis to visionary design concepts, our journey has been guided by a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling. A Tapestry of Activities: Our Master Plan included Multiplex cinemas, auditoriums, state-of-the-art theaters, film studios, recording … Read More

Concept Design for the Development of Iconic Mosque

TAWHID Using the foundation of Islamic belief, the iconic mosque design and compounds are based on the concept of a single and central point of origin. The architecture thus reflects sacred geometry and symmetry using multiples of fifteen and a repetition order that evokes a sense of balance and harmony, with every secondary function originating from the central domed prayer … Read More

Corporate Interiors – Workspace Proposal for BASF Chemicals Pakistan Limited’s New Office at Sky Towers, Dolmen Clifton

Workspace Proposal BASF Chemicals

Landscape PLC creatively developed a workspace proposal for BASF Chemicals Pakistan Limited’s relocation to Sky Towers at Dolmen Clifton, Karachi. We root our approach to design in a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations. From the outset, our team conceptualized a design scheme that embodied BASF’s corporate identity, capturing the essence of modernity and sophistication synonymous with Sky … Read More

Jury at the Emaar Residences Garden Competition – Celebrating Architectural Excellence

In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, our esteemed chief architect F. Sajid recently had the honor of participating as a jury member for the renowned Emaar Residences Garden Competition. This event showcased the artistic prowess and creative vision of 21 exceptional candidates, who underwent rigorous evaluation. The jury here judged the candidates based on design aesthetics, functionality, execution, ... Read More

Redefining Sports Architecture: The Transformative Padel Tennis Court Design

At Landscape PLC, we continuously strive for innovation and functionality, pushing boundaries to achieve excellence in every project. Our latest endeavor, the Padel tennis court at Zamzama Park, exemplifies this unwavering dedication. Converting a conventional tennis court into a cutting-edge Padel tennis court presented us with a creative challenge that we eagerly embraced. Our role extended far beyond mere imagination. ... Read More

Enhancing Spaces with Art in Interior Design and Décor

Enhancing Spaces with Art: Exploring the Power of Art in Interior Design and Décor Art is an integral aspect of how culture changes as our world changes. Paintings on gallery walls are no longer the only forms of art; those who create and consume it now use it as a means of personal expression as well. An interior can be ... Read More

Demystifying the Construction Process: From Design to Cost Estimation

Demystifying the Construction Process - Design to Cost Estimation  Embarking on a construction project entails a meticulous process that begins with planning and design and culminates in cost estimation. While clients often inquire about costs before the design phase, it is essential to understand that accurate estimations can only be provided once the planning and design are finalized. In this blog, we ... Read More

Nano Houses: Designing Cozy and Sustainable Living Spaces

Studio Apartment (Nano House)
Several factors, including the following, should be considered when developing nano houses: Space Optimization: Nano homes are made to use as little room as possible, thus it's critical to come up with inventive ways to utilise every square inch of space. This includes creating furniture with several uses and maximising wall space for storage. Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is a ... Read More

Unveiling the Magnificence: Designing a Historical Artifacts Museum for Immersive Cultural Experiences

Concept Sketch: Historical Museum Design
Historical Artifacts Museum Design Step into the enchanting world of historical artifacts, where the past comes alive and whispers its captivating tales. A well-designed museum serves as a gateway to our rich cultural heritage, providing visitors with an immersive experience that transports them through time. In this article, we explore the meticulous design and layout of a historical artifacts museum, ... Read More

Showroom Interior Design Standards, Rules and Concepts

Retail: Showroom Interior Design Standards | Rules & Concepts All retail outlets exhibit a brand identity however showrooms in particular are able to take a more stylistic approach when it comes to exhibiting a modern lifestyle. In showroom interior design, what is essentially being exhibited is a modern and contemporary way of living where the latest technology in industrial and ... Read More