Site Bookings Office for a G+18 Building

This site bookings office design for a G+18 building is located at the Gulshan-e-Osman society in Karachi. The scope entails interior planning and design as well as façade uplifting. In order to serve cosmetic purposes, we integrated an additional facade onto the existing structure. As a result, we opted for a 2″ by 2″ MS Frame structure, complemented by a powder-coated aluminium mesh screen. Simultaneously, it featured 2′-6″by 2’-6” Alucobond in a captivating polygon shape, elevated by 6 inches from the center.

The office unfolds as a harmonious blend of opulence and modern aesthetics, an extension of luxury designed to leave a lasting impression. The area of design of the site booking office is 2627 sq.ft. Upon entering the site booking office, you’re greeted by a prominent feature wall that seamlessly guides your vision towards the upcoming apartment buildings. A visual connection between the office and the future construction is established at the rear through glass doors. Functionality takes precedence in the layout ensuring efficient customer service.

Similarly, the interior designers at Landscape PLC have strategically positioned booking counters and casual seating are the initial focal points. The main hall then branches into two distinct areas: a model section, visitors to explore apartment mock-ups, and a cozy sitting area designed for relaxation. This thoughtful planning ensures a smooth and engaging experience, catering to both the practical aspects of booking and the comfort of potential residents.

 A thoughtful demarcation delineates different functional areas throughout the bookings office design. The flooring subtly changes, creating a visual boundary between the model area and the sitting area. This division not only adds an aesthetic dimension but also serves to enhance the functionality of the office, ensuring a seamless flow of activities.

In the model area, meticulous attention to detail is evident. Here, clients can explore miniature representations of potential sites, allowing them to envision their projects in a tangible way. As a result, immersive experiences enable clients to make informed decisions,

Adjacent to the model area, the sitting area offers a retreat for discussions and consultations. The luxurious seating arrangements, paired with the captivating ambiance created by the hanging lights, foster an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort.

Plush teal-colored sofas, upholstered in velvet-textured fabric have been used. The rich texture of the fabric adds a tactile element, inviting tactile exploration and contributing to the overall sensory experience. Accompanying these sofas, rust-colored chairs provide a bold contrast.

Likewise, PVC fluted panels adorn the walls, their intricate patterns add a touch of elegance to the surroundings. These panels create a sense of depth and texture, adding layers to the visual appeal of the office. Hanging from the ceiling, cascades of exquisite pendant lights cast a warm, ambient glow, illuminating the space in a soft, golden hue. Their delicate design adds a touch of glamour to the luxurious setting, enhancing the overall ambiance.

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