300 SQYD Site Bookings Office Architecture and Interior Design

This 300 SQYD commercial project is of a contemporary site bookings office for a G+14 building that treats forms and functions so as to create a minimalistic architecture statement.

The elevation features a diagonally protruding mass for a part of the facade. The office operates on the ground floor in double spacing with a mezzanine floor providing room for the executive personnel. Additionally, the glass walls with wooden louvres on the exterior create a dynamic between the internal and external environment of the structure.

The interior space of the office depicts a double-height entrance with industrial ceilings that are exposed with metal beams and a combination of drop ceilings in sections on either side accommodating the visitor seating and booking counters respectively. Hanging lights are installed in order to keep the ceiling into oblivion. Wall mural holds the main focus in this space and balances through with tones of orange and blue. The black metal screen provides privacy to the executive rooms. Planters bring life to the space as a natural element.