Silverlake Office Design

Landscape Pvt. Ltd. undertook the project management of construction of this multinational IT office at Sky Towers. With a breathtaking view to the Arabian seashore, this corporate office exemplifies efficient design and planning skills. Considering the area, our interior designers aimed at creating features and spaces that exist independently and at the same time as a closely related network of arrangements that derive their energy from each other.

The industrial finish of the ceiling is well balanced with its suspended feature ornamented with foliage. Accent colours, on the other hand, give vigour to the various sleek and sophisticated elements of the space. Cobalt blue, hot pink, yellow and white hexagonal cushion seats bring life to the office’s otherwise neutral furniture. 

The sleek basic brass shelving with minimal pieces and hints of green pair perfectly with the bright accent wall. Additionally, the planter with gravel creates an overall calming effect in the place. The chairs with mesh back supports at each desk complement the unorderly patterned ceiling integrating it in the mood of the place. Accentuating every bold colour used, different shades of grey are used for the tiles, walls and ceiling. The metal screens, however, create rhythms between materials and the forms of design.

Talking about the floor layout, the office consists of a well-defined entrance and reception, with three clusters of working stations, towards the left of the entrance. To mark a separation between these two areas and Privacy concerns had to be dealt with and the arrangement of the office is more open, therefore, a false wall has been used to mark a separation between these two areas. This false wall seamlessly serves as the logo wall as well as a partition from the working spaces. Set against the glass walls/windows is a casual sitting space that merges well and becomes a binding force for the overall interior of the office. This plan incorporates a well-equipped boardroom and a sophisticated CEO’s room as well.

Such diverse range of colours, furniture and pieces naturally gel together and create an overall soothing composition.

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