Office Planning and Interior – 4,600 SFT – Sky Towers

This office planning and interior project is for the Karachi-Pakistan office of an international organization. Based on 4,600 SFT this space promotes productivity, collaboration, and comfort. As you enter, the reception and waiting area welcome you with soft, carpeted flooring. We’ve strategically positioned the quiet rooms at the front far end, ensuring privacy, focused work or confidential discussions. Similarly, the interior designers have arranged conference and meeting rooms towards one end of the office, emphasizing exclusivity and professionalism.

Glass partitions throughout the office ensure transparency, allowing natural light to flow and maintaining a sense of openness. The interior Architects have designed each space with careful attention to detail. Vibrant blue and orange accents against a bold color palette energize the atmosphere in meeting rooms. Interactive writing walls encourage brainstorming. Conference rooms feature ribbed wooden paneled walls and cooler blue carpeted flooring, accommodating up to 17 people.

Additionally, the workstations in this office planning and interiors project embrace an open-plan design with accented blue workstations. Low partitions promote visual connectivity among team members, encouraging communication and teamwork. A wooden rafter ceiling adds warmth and character to the space, enhancing its modern appeal. Breakout areas define casual relaxation areas with comfortable sofas and warm wooden flooring, perfect for informal meetings or taking short breaks. Large windows allow natural light to flow in, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

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