Family Theme Park Architecture and Design

Landscape PLC embarks another journey of brilliance and takes you through its newly concluded Family Theme Park Architecture and Design project for Nawabshah.

The 7-acre recreational space comprises several amusement land and water rides, an open amphitheater, cinema, a number of local and international food chains, retail stores, and more. 

Covering more than 3.5 acres of the area, the bean shaped aquatic region in the centre boasts six water slides and a boating facility. This boating facility caters to both the elderly and the young, making this theme park perfect for a family’s day out.

Along with the fundamental carnival rides –  the dizzy spin ride, Ferris wheel, drop tower, bee bee ride, crazy dance car, pirate ship, and wandering earth – the water amusement section has two wizard slides, a speed slide, spiral slide, water dragon kids’ ride; all these rides ensure a thrilling experience for the visitors.

The food court in the outer belt promises a variety of high quality local and international food which is exactly what visitors would need to re-energize themselves after the rides. Moreover, the wide variety of options allows individuals to enjoy the liberty of ordering separately but eating together as a group on the patio. 

Additionally, a series of retails allows customers to purchase items from an array of options. An indoor gaming area and bumper car zone add to making the day at the amusement park a memorable one. 

The multipurpose-arena in the plan will serve as a cinema but may occasionally be used as an amphitheater too. This does not only foster the love for art in visitors but would make the experience even better, and open a plethora of new opportunities for those who already appreciate art and enjoy it. 

Several sun shades have been incorporated seamlessly on the walk-ways making Nawabshah’s heat relatively bearable while the well-planned patches of outdoor seating make ideal spots for resting and chatting. 

The theme park has been designed and planned in a way to ensure a fun filled experience for everyone: a group of friends or a family.

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