400 SQYD Corporate Building Architecture Design – Dalda Foods

A well planned, 400 SQYD purpose-built corporate building architecture for Dalda Foods that speaks for the company’s motive and corresponds to the future of architecture design.

The B+G+4 office building features spaces ranging from the modern industrial look to the more luxurious executive corporate atmosphere in the office. Each element in Dalda Foods’ corporate office design embodies the brand’s identity as the colours red, yellow, and green are used for an interior and aesthetic representation of the brand’s logo. The casual lobby makes the sitting area inviting for the visitors while the executive lobby exhibits sophistication. However, the open workspace, director’s room, staircase and meeting room feature raw finishes and earthy tones adding timelessness to the design.

The use of indoor plants reinforces the organization’s vision regarding health and wellness. Effortlessly movable and resizable furniture has been used to attain an element of flexibility in the workspace. The stained concrete floor, stone cladding and metal screens alongside warm lighting enhance the industrial appeal of the workspace.

A range of rustic finishes, materials and textures have been combined for giving the lobby an earthy look. Polished concrete used for the flooring alongside the metal screens with entwined creepers augment the visual appeal of the space. The staircase exhibits the use of slate for the steps while glass with yellow painted wood composes the rails.

Lastly, the meeting room has an amalgamation of innovative textures, natural materials, art, graphics and patterns. The bright yellow carpeted floor adds a tinge of colour, making it a source of sensory change in the space. Metal shelving, ceiling screen and UPVC against the glass enhance the industrial theme of the office, on the otherhand. Catering to the need of an eating space, the building incorporates a cafeteria as well. Geometric patterns in this space harmonize with a well-thoughtout blend of materials and a warm colour scheme. Additionally, through a glass box as one of its walls, the cafeteria, opens into the reception’s double height space providing a dual-view.

Each space creates an aesthetic environment that ensures productivity, employee satisfaction and healthy long lasting business relationships.

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