Vacation House Architecture and Interiors – Gharo

A modern retreat in the wilderness: the design of this expansive vacation house features an angular roof structure, large windows to really enhance the experience of views and surrounds and screening with varying patterns that add privacy and beauty while buffering sunlight.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary cabin architecture, this vacation house features an A-pitched roof. While, the internal planning features a social, open space hosting an organic garden, a kitchen and a lounge and dining space with a view to a pool. The backyard view on the other hand has a large pool that retains a connection to the interior space through the glass façade.

The interior living space is a contemporary take on the Wabi Sabi aesthetic, however. A light filled, airy, double-heighted lounge and dining space is treated minimally with warm beige tones in upholstery and porcelain floor tiling while a light Oak shade reigns supreme used for the exterior shading screen, a wall feature and rustic dining table and chairs.

Sitting in a remote picturesque landscape, this sanctuary provides a perfect escape from the city for a family vacation.