Turnkey Corporate Office Interiors – RO Plant

Landscape PLC took over RO Plant’s 1050 sft Corporate Office Interiors that included work from the design stage to fit-outs and project Management. Considering the dynamics of a small scale workspace the main workstations had to be kept open yet with an efficient level of privacy for both the senior and junior staff. In order to do so, a screen with a play of colours and wooden strip was installed to add a subtle level of privacy using minimal materials. The lighting ambience was kept towards the cooler side along with the wide windows to maintain spatial richness. The boardroom has been kept formal with the use of textures and blue hues to keep the aesthetic appeal of a workspace intact. Two small labs were adjusted in the space divided by glass doors for which a very sophisticated approach towards colours and materials was taken; this was to keep the area free of clutter yet accessible and manageable for carrying out tests and experiments.