Habib University Rooftop Landscaping Design

An embodiment of modern rooftop landscaping design, this roof terrace of Habib University built by Landscape PLC, faces the Jinnah International Airport Karachi, providing a picturesque view of the city for the visitors. The communicated purpose and aim of this project was to add to the recreational opportunities of the university. At the same time on the level of design and planning it is supposed to give architectural enhancement to the otherwise rigid structure of the institution. The planters aid in regulating the temperature while also purifying the air for a refreshing experience for the faculty, students and visitors. 

The seating arrangement has been precisely planned for casual meetings as well as addresses. The large random patterned stamped concrete floor and astro-turf adorn the space, adding a timeless element to the design while the hollow concrete bollards illuminate the space eccentrically. These bollards have also been accommodated or made part of the benches for making the space well-lit and also accentuating the functions of the rooftop.

Besides serving as a space that can be used for conferences and small addresses it also makes a sustainable and refreshing open air spot for the students to unwind and spend memorable time with their friends. Whether a chit chat with their fellows trying to relax or brain-storming for their assignments, this space caters to all. For such small isolated and separate gatherings there are wooden benches centered with large cemented and tiled structures that also give support to the pergolas with their hollow wooden reinforcements.  These elevate the look of the terrace and make it particularly stunning during sunset. What is commendable about these structures is that from the lights to the plants, all structures are designed in such a way that they draw a seamless line between landscaping features and seating areas. Their minimal yet multifunctional planning and design is what makes this terrace so unique.