Residence Design in UAE

This modern residence design in UAE occupies a generous expanse of 800 square yards. Entering through the inviting foyer, one encounters an open and spacious layout that immediately establishes the residence’s tone.

To the right of the foyer, the drawing and dining room offer a sophisticated space for formal entertainment and gatherings. Moving further into the house, there is a cozy lounge area, perfect for relaxing or informal gatherings with family and friends. At the end of this sequence lies the master suite room designed for comfort and relaxation.

The house’s layout is thoughtfully organized. Public areas are strategically placed at the front, followed by semi-public spaces, and finally, the private zone. This progression ensures a seamless flow between different zones of the house while maintaining privacy and functionality.

Upon stepping out to the back, residents encounter a luxurious swimming pool, offering a refreshing escape. As well as serving as a focal point for leisure activities. The glass wall surrounding the pool offers uninterrupted views from the interior, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and creating a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings.

Ascending to the first floor, a flexible lounge area awaits, accompanied by a convenient mini kitchen for added convenience. This floor also hosts four bedrooms, including another master suite. Additionally, two expansive terraces provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, to enjoy outdoor living in this residence in UAE.

In terms of elevation design, the house exudes modern sophistication, characterized by clean lines, sleek finishes, and a color palette dominated by shades of grey. Multiple projections and large windows frame the exterior, allowing ample natural light to flow in the interior spaces while creating visual interest and connection with the outdoors. The terraces further enhance this connection to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings.

Overall, this residence design exemplifies attention to detail, offering a luxurious and comfortable living.

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