Master Plan – Design Process: Ormara Resorts


The Ormara Resorts master plan was developed keeping in mind the need for housing in the area as well as creating a stimulating setting to reside for the users. Upon this research was conducted on high-density housing and boulevard design to prepare residential plots of land juxtaposed by a commercial axis while leading into the resorts at the extremes of the site facing the sea.

Figure 1: Isometric view of the Ormara site

The residential plots were organized centered around open shared spaces for the users to create a sense of community, which may be lacking in the conventional sprawl of suburban projects. Shared space brings users together, especially in the context of a gated community, wherein the Ormara Resort project exists. Modules were formed around central shared spaces of 8 residential plots to cover a majority of the site, while within extents in which this configuration did not fit, a module of 2 shared spaces surrounded by 14 residential plots were added. While the zones for these different modules, however, are separated by the commercial axis.


Figure 2: 8 house module (left) and 14 house module (right) occupying land which befits them best

The commercial boulevard within the Ormara Resort extents runs from the entrance to another diagonal axis defined by the coastline. The boulevard was designed to accommodate sufficient amounts of vehicular traffic to propagate comfortably. However, the design constraints of the boulevard, with reference to ITE’s book on road design: Design Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, kept walkability in close consideration. A multi-way boulevard configuration was used where appropriate pavement width was provided on the portion of the boulevard where commercial buildings were present to allow for pedestrians to freely walk through. Additionally, buffers were created on the portions where residential plots were present in the form of vegetation or parking spaces, which also complemented the commercial side of the road. The commercial boulevard extends further as the road bends, following the other major axis parallel to the shore where the opposite side of the roads accommodates the resorts of the site. Furthermore, the point at which the main axes of the site intersect, a mosque is proposed as an epitome of community.



Figure 3: Main boulevard with commercial buildings on the right and villas on the left

The proposal at Ormara aims to cater the housing needs while being reasonable to afford and also providing an enriching living experience; both by providing adequate facilities within arm’s reach for the residents while also creating dynamic spaces to traverse. Hence the approach to optimize the amount of villa plots within the site adds to the affordability of them, which may appeal to individuals looking for either an efficiently budgeted plot of residential land or a vacation resort by the sea.