Jury at the Emaar Residences Garden Competition – Celebrating Architectural Excellence


In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, our esteemed chief architect F. Sajid recently had the honor of participating as a jury member for the renowned Emaar Residences Garden Competition. This event showcased the artistic prowess and creative vision of 21 exceptional candidates, who underwent rigorous evaluation. The jury here judged the candidates based on design aesthetics, functionality, execution, and sustainability. Join us as we delve into this captivating journey, highlighting the top contenders and the exciting community initiative that unfolded.

Evaluating Design Aesthetics:
The Emaar Residences Garden Competition was a platform for architectural brilliance. Similarly, each candidate presented their unique interpretation of a stunning garden space. On the other hand, our Chief Architect, alongside distinguished jury, meticulously examined every design. They took into account the harmonious integration of natural elements, captivating aesthetics, as well as innovative concepts. From traditional Mediterranean influences to contemporary minimalist approaches, the spectrum of design styles was truly awe-inspiring.

Emaar Garden Competitiom Jury Landscape PLC - 1

Assessing Functionality and Execution:
Beyond the mere visual appeal, functionality played a pivotal role in the evaluation process. Therefore, the judges scrutinized each candidates’ design for its practicality, spatial optimization, and seamless integration of different elements. Our chief architect, with their vast expertise, keenly observed how well the designs catered to the needs of potential residents while fostering a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Emaar Garden Competition Jury Landscape PLC - 3

Embracing Sustainability:
Additionally, as stewards of the environment, the Emaar Residences Garden Competition placed a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our chief architect, a fervent advocate for eco-conscious design, eagerly examined each candidate’s approach to environmental responsibility. As a result, the jury rewarded the designs that showcased a commitment to sustainability, from the choice of materials to water and energy efficiency measures, for their holistic vision and consideration for the planet’s well-being.

Awards and Community Initiative:
The culmination of the Emaar Residences Garden Competition was marked by the announcement of the top three candidates. The jury acknowledged these exceptional designers for their outstanding contributions and innovative concepts. However, beyond the accolades, the event served as a powerful community initiative, fostering interaction and engagement among architects, designers, and enthusiasts. The competition sparked inspiration, encouraged meaningful conversations, and forged connections that will undoubtedly shape the future of architectural endeavors.

Emaar Garden Competition Jury Landscape PLC

The Emaar Residences Garden Competition not only showcased exceptional design talent but also brought together a community of creative minds passionate about shaping the architectural landscape. Our chief architect’s participation as a jury member was a truly enriching experience, witnessing firsthand the dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to excellence displayed by the candidates. As we celebrate architectural brilliance, we are inspired to continue pushing boundaries, creating spaces that merge aesthetics, functionality, execution, and sustainability in perfect harmony.