Integrated Coastal Management for Karachi Beaches

Integrated Coastal Management

Karachi is a coastal city located on the Arabian Sea coastline. There are many beautiful seasides near the city like Seaview, Manora Island, Sandspit, Hawkes Bay, Paradise Point and French Beach. These beaches hold substantial environmental and economic significance being the home for exotic fauna (such as Dalmatian Pelican, Turtles, etc.) to being the sea-route for commercial activities in the country. At this point in time, effective coastal management lacks at the beaches, which are vulnerable to pollution, due to growing human traffic and security for visitors.

In order to address these challenges, Landscape proposes an Integrated Coastal Management Study for Seaview, Hawkes Bay and Manora Island. According to Campnet 1991, Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) is a dynamic process in which a coordinated strategy is developed and implemented for the allocation of environmental, socio-cultural and institutional resources to achieve the conservation and sustainable multiple use of the coastal zone.

The purpose of ICM is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of coastal governance in terms of the coast’s ability to achieve the sustainable use of coastal resources and of the services generated by the ecosystems in the coastal areas.