Overview of Construction Activities

Our team at #LandscapePLC is well versed with the inter-dependence of construction works. We’re aware that our work brings nature, science, people, dreams, visions, necessities, problems and their solutions together. With this awareness comes an even greater understanding that an erected structure is not a cluster of materials. In fact, it is concrete evidence of the responsibility with which man is ready to claim its piece of land on earth.

Based on the technical and aesthetic requirements of a project, our services span across architectural and structural design of buildings, houses, recreational parks etc. Further constructing them using pre-fabricated, pre-engineered or cast in place concrete.

In order to give you an overview of what we deliver, here is a more generic yet step-by-step tour of the course of action we take on a construction site.

Soil Testing

This is the most basic step that gives an idea of the bearing capacity and aids in strategic planning.

Building Materials
Columns Marking

Markings save on a lot of time that is invested in rectifications. Just making sure nothing goes wrong with the support system!

Earthworks: Footing/Soling etc
Steel Binding

It is all about laying firm foundations. Tying and strengthening to prevent any possible dislocation.

Shuttering - Formworks
Pile Foundation

Concrete is poured in the foundations, at this stage, to provide mass to all the skeletal works.

Masonry and Plaster
Electrical Works
Water Proofing

Ensuring protection and taking over the keeping-dry-and-safe responsibility for you.


A necessity more than luxury, automation is suggested after a detailed brief of your preferences.

Tiling and Flooring
Doors and Windows
Paint Works

Playing around with textures and adding some final artistic finishes.