Oman Villas Interior Design

Oman villas interior design combines elements of neo-classical interior design with modern exterior elevation. The location is Al Hail North, Seeb, Oman.

The foyer sets the tone for the interior with an extravagant design featuring a concentric circular ceiling adorned with a chandelier. Wall moldings and mirrors cover the walls, adding depth and elegance.

Upon entry, segregated female and male majlis areas preserve privacy and cultural norms. The male majlis features a spiral staircase at its center leading to the upper floor. The female majlis has a gold color theme with bold golden wallpaper and artistic paintings on the walls.

Adjacent to the male majlis, there is a dining room characterized by a geometric wooden ceiling design and large chandeliers. Positioned at the back of the house is a guest bedroom for privacy and convenience.

The spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, which consists of three bedrooms, including a master bedroom.

In contrast to the neo-classical interior, the exterior elevation features a modern design aesthetic. Shades of grey and white dominate the exterior palette, providing a contemporary look. Straight lines and wooden elements are incorporated into the elevation. Multiple projections in the elevation add depth and dimension to the facade, enhancing its visual interest and architectural character.

Overall, this residential Oman villas interior design project seamlessly combines traditional and modern design elements to bring luxury.

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