Excursion – Funland in Nawabshah

Excursion of Funland in Nawabshah - Team Landscape

In Jan 2020, our team conducted an excursion of Funland in Nawabshah, Pakistan, to design and plan a Theme-park project. Guided by our client, we explored a 7-acre site surrounded by farms and gardens.

We envisioned water rides, a kids’ play zone, cafes, separate entrances, locker rooms, ample parking, and walking paths. We presented to the client the design concept, mapping out a playground of fun and adventure. Water rides, kids’ play zone, cafe restaurants and seating areas.

Separate entry and exit points were planned ensuring smooth flow of visitors, while locker rooms provided convenience to store belongings. Meanwhile, ample parking facilities and well-defined walking and cycling tracks ensured easy access and exploration for all.

We departed for the excursion of Funland in Nawabshah with a sense of excitement ready to make the theme park a reality full of laughter, excitement, and endless delight for generations to come.

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