Mux Office Interiors

A minimalist automation showroom exhibiting electrical monitoring and control systems for homes and commercial spaces. Light oak shade flooring coupled with blue matte paint finishing for the ceiling and select walls give the space a trendy, modern attraction while contemporary light fixtures add to the cutting-edge themed branding of the automation store.

Its entrance is specifically designed to take visitors through the experience of a complete smart home and workplace using automation products and equipment. The design and planning of this flagship store prioritizes brand identity drawing the color pallet from company’s logo, conceptualizing a blue and white space where the lights remain the focus. To the left is a meeting room for client meetings and a corner spot for casual conversations.

For the working space, again, a blue and white pairing evokes a sense of productivity and peace of mind. The brick textured wall adds a feeling of warmth and comfort, balancing the cool blue tones that are the signature shades in the branding of the company. Light Oak shade porcelain tile flooring enhances the overall beauty of this space as a light-filled and vibrant contemporary work environment.