Modern 500 SQYD Residence with Integrated Pool

Within the bustling cityscape of KDA Scheme 1 in Karachi, this modern 500 SQYD Residence with Integrated Pool stands as a testament to sophisticated design and ingenious spatial planning. 

This private residence, spanning 500 square yards, seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality. The entrance greets you with a captivating front pool, setting a tranquil tone. Inside, the foyer unveils a staircase guiding upwards revealing flexible spaces that effortlessly transform between dining and lounge areas. Similarly, convenience reigns with two ground-floor bedrooms, ensuring accessibility for residents and guests.

The first floor accommodates a luxurious master bedroom and three additional bedrooms. Natural light bathes a central sitting area on this floor through a skylight, creating a focal point. Contrarily, recreational spaces invite relaxation in the basement, complemented by essential services that ensure seamless functionality in the house.

This project’s contemporary façade exhibits precise geometry and meticulous attention to detail. Neat, flat lines and perfect symmetry define the structure. The massing is enhanced by the use of grey marble and concrete-textured cladding. Oak shade warm wood accents are paired with these monochromes alongside, balancing the coolness of the concrete and marble.

Furthermore, another feature of the facade is the boxy white projection that serves as a terrace. Seemingly this defies gravity as it elegantly balances on a sleek V-shaped column. As a result, this avant-garde element draws the eye upward as well as acts as a visual anchor. The main gate and entrance wall feature a clean linear pattern, skillfully balancing the generous use of wood and maintaining a sense of minimalism and sophistication.

One of the challenges posed by the client’s brief was the integration of a pool into the facade while ensuring privacy. Here, we followed an interlocked massing approach to cater such a requirement. The cantilevered terrace overlooks the pool, serving as an extension of the interior living space. The pool, now a focal point, harmoniously coexists with the façade. The sleek slit within the terrace cleverly maintains the facade’s unity, ensuring privacy without disrupting the overall design cohesion.

Likewise, the patio area of the house is based on minimalism and contemporary landscaping. A glass entryway welcomes guests, flanked by concrete texture tiles that lead the way into a meticulously manicured outdoor space. On the other hand, ornamental grass, a small tree plant, and strategically placed boulders create a natural oasis, adding a touch of organic beauty to the modern surroundings. The glass openings on three sides offer vistas to this outdoor sanctuary, infusing the interior with a sense of tranquility and natural serenity.

All in all, from the symmetrical lines and judicious use of materials to the innovative integration of the pool, this modern residence, creates a ‘home’ that is not just visually captivating but also a harmonious haven for its inhabitants.

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