Legendesk- Pakistan’s Fastest Growing IT Company – Corporate Building Interiors

This Corporate Building Interiors project focuses on the interior planning and design of a purpose-built (6 levels) facility. The building has an area of 950 SQM located in DHA, Karachi for a leading IT firm.

The space offers a mix of co-working spaces, dedicated server rooms, networking systems, and well-equipped workstations. Such an approach mutually unifies and symbolizes functions and aesthetics. Taking into account the conducted wind/sun path study, the spaces also delineate a fluid-connected-efficient work environment.

Our philosophy for this project revolves around green building principles and employee wellness. We wanted to make sure we were creating an environment that fosters the company’s culture and provides opportunities for the team to grow as an organization, simultaneously.

The highlight of the project is the CEO’s room that exhibits a luxurious dimension to minimalism and is finished with statement pieces. The desk features a mix of oak wood and pure leather, while frosted acrylic constitutes the custom made lights running parallel to the ceiling and wall rafters. A bar was added right in front of the TV wall to entertain any small casual meetings taking place in the executive space.

Talking about the plan, the Basement offers a recreational space hosting an interactive cafeteria and a room with Xbox. Employs can unwind and relax themselves after a long day/night of work with such facilities near them. The interior Architect has chosen the balancing principle of art for the displayed area of this IT office where design elements present a harmony and exist in contrasting pairs. The ceiling characterizes a matte black shade and exposed conduits which complement the efficient lighting system and natural plants; these coexist to uplift the overall vibe of the room. Additionally, the pool table and coffee-juice station provide more bonding opportunities for the team. Consequently maintaining an environment that fosters the wellbeing of the workforce. This floor has also been utilized for storage and technical installation purposes, separately.

The Ground Floor, on the other hand, gives a dynamic corporate experience with its welcoming waiting, reception, admin and boardroom spaces. Independently planned from typical floors, the HR and Finance departments have also been accommodated on this level. This caters to the confidentiality concerns of these departments as well. The First, Second and Third Floors have an open workspace scheme, with the sales and production departments dedicated to them; while the Fourth Level is reserved for the senior-level management, designed and planned executively.

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