IT Office Renovation

The IT office renovation is thoughtfully planned, featuring a reception, waiting area, and director’s room. The overall ambiance embraces an industrial aesthetic, highlighted by the exposed ductwork ceiling that adds a touch of modernity. In the reception area, wooden louvres not only provide a distinctive visual appeal but also promote continuity and permeability.

The flooring, styled with grey concrete-look tiles, contributes to the contemporary and industrial feel. The entrance wall is predominantly composed of glass, ensuring transparency, and accented with metallic horizontal ribs for a sleek look.

The waiting area is adorned with black sofas against wooden paneling, creating a sophisticated yet comfortable space. A hanging pendant light adds a modern and artistic touch to the area. The windows are specially crafted with louvres, serving a dual purpose by allowing permeability of wind while acting as effective shading devices, contributing to both functionality and design in this innovative IT office space.

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