House Architecture Design

The house architecture design showcases a double-height foyer, creating an immediate sense of space and openness. Moving further inside, the centerpiece of the home captures attention—a magnificent double-height dining room commands focus, establishing a residence-wide focal point.

At the front of the house, the drawing room offers a private space for relaxation or intimate gatherings. Adjacent to it, a flexible lounge area offers scenic views of the front lawn.

Designed for both functionality and comfort, the ground floor welcomes you downstairs. It houses two bedrooms for convenience, and a well-appointed kitchen for culinary endeavors. Upon ascending to the first floor, two terraces adorned with green plantations greet you, providing serene outdoor sanctuaries with expansive views. The integration of a large wooden deck seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor living spaces. Hence, extending the opportunities for relaxation and recreation, with a pool adding a touch of luxury and tranquility.

Ascending to the first floor, you’re greeted by the refreshing presence of two terraces adorned with green plantations, providing serene outdoor sanctuaries with expansive views. Here, the masterful design continues to unfold with three bedrooms, including a luxurious master suite. Additionally, a designated gymnasium provides the perfect space for maintaining health and wellness. On the other hand, a lounge area offers a cozy retreat for unwinding or engaging in leisure activities.

Externally, the house stands as a testament to modern design principles, with its elevation characterized by clean lines and contemporary aesthetics. The use of tall columns imparts a sense of grandeur and architectural sophistication. On the contrary, subtle stone accents infuse the facade with a natural charm and timeless elegance.

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