GSK Office Interior Design and Construction

The design of the GSK office space is a thoughtful fusion of aesthetics and functionality, carefully curated to create a stimulating and productive work environment. The design area of the office is approximately 1445 sq.ft. Incorporating an open plan layout, the interior architects aimed at creating a spacious and free-flowing environment.

Utilizing glass walls enhances transparency and adds to the sense of spaciousness. At one end of the office, designated areas such as telephone booths and cabins provide private spaces within the open layout for focused work and confidential conversations. Such an approach promotes a balance between collaboration and privacy, fostering a modern and dynamic work atmosphere.

One of the key aspects considered in the design is the impact of colors on the psychology of the workers. Strategically choosing various hues evokes specific emotions and enhances the overall mood of the office.

Moreover, the integration of creative slogans on the walls serve as a motivational factor, inspiring the workforce and fostering a positive atmosphere. These slogans not only decorate the space but also act as daily affirmations, instilling a sense of purpose and drive within the employees.

Playful colored cubic elements on the walls are a distinctive feature of this office. These elements not only add a touch of whimsy to the décor but also serve functional purposes, such as storage or display units. Their vibrant colors inject a sense of liveliness into the workspace, promoting a dynamic and energetic ambiance.

Meticulously designed, the conference room, a crucial space for meetings and collaborations, is carpeted to address acoustics. Wooden shelving adorns the walls, providing both a decorative element and practical storage for documents, books, or artifacts.

The overarching concept guiding the design process was to incorporate innovation and functionality into every element of the office. This approach reflects the values of the firm, emphasizing efficiency, creativity, and a modern outlook. By creating engaging and creative workspaces, the office not only enhances the well-being of the staff but also significantly

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