Furniture Showroom Design and Planning – Visaddo

Designing and planning the showroom of a furniture design and manufacturing company, the interior architects at Landscape PLC aimed at creating an environment that gives room for the display to stand-out in all its potential, yet giving rise to fluidity in the space for the backdrop to flow in harmony with the articles at show. Hence, for presenting harmonious statements we’ve put essences of vivid materials and textures into play, building up a strong relationship of foundations with the exhibit.

Two contrasting auras have been amalgamated for the CEO’s Room: the modern day aesthetic trends and functional needs with the animate yet undisturbed forest life. It presents a well-balanced use of monochromes with office essentials. The MS shelving with hints of wood complement the executive feel exhibited by the carpet tiles. Being the highlight of the room, the desk presents the earthiness of wood that pairs with the clear blue resin pour – resembling a fresh water stream. The wide well-lit windows, meanwhile, give a glorious reminder of the first shafts of sunlight peeking in through trees at dawn. The elevation has been kept minimal yet classy with the use of a metal screen running across the structure.