Cafe Design and Planning at Emaar, Ocean Front

A café, restaurant and retail space is all encapsulated in this sea facing project at Emaar Karachi. The concrete façade gives way to full height glass windows, drawing one’s eye towards a custom spiral staircase. This is designed to take visitors through an experiential walk through views of the sea and café located on the ground floor. The robust bench by the entrance is placed against a quirky mural, creating the perfect spot to take a quick selfie while you wait for your table.

For the counter area a contemporary design is combined with a variety of elements such as rattan furnishing, brick and concrete textures and fresh tropical plants. This way, the heavy elements and raw concrete walls are soothed and made more pleasant while the other eye-catching details like glass pendant lights present a balanced industrial design space.

The dining space, however, is dimly lit. A monochromatic abstract illustration runs along one of the walls giving the space a modern, fresh-faced appeal while elegant rattan furnishing lend a timeless dining aesthetic to this café.