Aviation Office Remodeling

The aviation office remodeling showcases a reception area that sets the tone for a collaborative atmosphere. Grey marble-look alike tiles adorn the floor, exuding a sense of sophistication. A hanging chandelier from the ceiling adds an elegant touch, creating a welcoming ambiance. The reception area features accent sea green chairs surrounding a light green reception desk. All of which adds a refreshing and aviation-themed color palette to the space.

Our Interior Architects strategically positioned all office spaces along the periphery of the office. This includes meeting rooms, the director’s office, and private cubicles as well. The layout provides privacy for individual workspaces while allowing for centralized collaboration and communication.

We dedicated the central space of the office to an open plan layout with workstations. As a result, this design promotes collaboration and efficient communication among team members working in the shared workspace.

Near the casual sitting area in the reception, screens with glass and wooden elements contribute to the aviation theme, providing a modern and sleek touch to the environment. These design elements enhance the aesthetics while maintaining a professional and functional workspace.

In the reception area, aviation-themed colors and elements are incorporated, maintaining a practical layout for efficient work processes and achieving a balance of functionality and style in this aviation office remodeling project.

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