Arts & Culture Centre’s Master Plan by Landscape PLC

architecture design

The Arts & Culture Centre’s master plan developed by Landscape PLC promises to redefine the landscape of Pakistan’s cultural identity. From meticulous research and thoughtful analysis to visionary design concepts, our journey has been guided by a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling. A Tapestry of Activities: Our Master Plan included Multiplex cinemas, auditoriums, state-of-the-art theaters, film studios, recording … Read More

Approved First Housing Society Master Plan by Landscape PLC

Landscape PLC designed the master plan for an affordable housing society situated between Karachi and Hyderabad Highway M9, which the Sehwan Building Authority approved for the commencement of construction works. This approval marks a significant milestone in Landscape PLC’s list of planned and designed projects. Development Overview:Led by Landscape PLC, Housing Society master plan encompasses various residential and commercial precincts. … Read More

Open House – Rooftop Turnkey Fitouts Project

Office interior design

Our Rooftop Turnkey Fitouts project is for a 500 square yard house in DHA. It features a conservatory with sleek black metal and glass offering a blend of modern design and natural elements. Pendant bird lights add a charming touch, creating a cozy atmosphere.From bollards nestled in planter pockets creatively illuminated to a swing delicately hung from intricately cast metal, … Read More

Concept Design for the Development of Iconic Mosque

TAWHID Using the foundation of Islamic belief, the iconic mosque design and compounds are based on the concept of a single and central point of origin. The architecture thus reflects sacred geometry and symmetry using multiples of fifteen and a repetition order that evokes a sense of balance and harmony, with every secondary function originating from the central domed prayer … Read More

Corporate Cricket Tournament at Legends Arena: Landscape Smashers vs. Yellow Warriors

Corporate Cricket Tournament at Legends Arena

In a spirited display of sportsmanship, corporate teams converged at Legends Arena for a friendly cricket tournament that provided a refreshing break from the daily grind. Among the participating teams were “Landscape Smashers” and “Yellow Warriors.”The Yellow Warriors emerged victorious in a closely contested match. However, the true victory lay in the enthusiastic participation and team spirit showcased by both … Read More

Celebrating Excellence – Senior Architect is awarded as Chief Architect

Chief Architect

Landscape Pvt. Ltd. celebrates excellence as we award our Senior Architect the title of Chief Architect—a recognition well deserved. After several years of dedicated service and unparalleled contribution to our firm, our esteemed Senior Architect has earned the prestigious title of Chief Architect. This promotion is not merely a formality; it’s a testament to her unwavering commitment, exceptional talent, and … Read More

Excursion – Funland in Nawabshah

Excursion of Funland in Nawabshah - Team Landscape

In Jan 2020, our team conducted an excursion of Funland in Nawabshah, Pakistan, to design and plan a Theme-park project. Guided by our client, we explored a 7-acre site surrounded by farms and gardens. We envisioned water rides, a kids’ play zone, cafes, separate entrances, locker rooms, ample parking, and walking paths. We presented to the client the design concept, … Read More

Corporate Interiors – Workspace Proposal for BASF Chemicals Pakistan Limited’s New Office at Sky Towers, Dolmen Clifton

Interior design

Landscape PLC creatively developed a workspace proposal for BASF Chemicals Pakistan Limited’s relocation to Sky Towers at Dolmen Clifton, Karachi. We root our approach to design in a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and aspirations. From the outset, our team conceptualized a design scheme that embodied BASF’s corporate identity, capturing the essence of modernity and sophistication synonymous with Sky … Read More

Architects at Qatar Doha Big5 Construct Exhibition

Architects at Qatar Doha Big5 Construct Exhibition

The Principal and Chief Architects of Landscape PLC attended the Qatar Big5 Construct Exhibition in Doha to explore the latest advancements in materials and sustainable practices. Booths adorned with cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly solutions beckoned, promising a glimpse into the future of construction. It showcased state-of-the-art materials designed for sustainability. From recycled composites to energy-efficient insulation, each innovation offered a … Read More

Jury at the Emaar Residences Garden Competition – Celebrating Architectural Excellence

In a remarkable display of talent and innovation, our esteemed chief architect F. Sajid recently had the honor of participating as a jury member for the renowned Emaar Residences Garden Competition. This event showcased the artistic prowess and creative vision of 21 exceptional candidates, who underwent rigorous evaluation. The jury here judged the candidates based on design aesthetics, functionality, execution, ... Read More