63 Acres Sub Urban Housing Society, Design and Planning

At a time when Karachi’s infrastructure needs an upgrade, Landscape PLC is playing its part and has taken up the architecture design and planning of a 63 Acre Sub-Urban Housing Society.

The facility offers residences and apartment complexes of different sizes; the views showcasing that of 80 SQYD, 120 SQYD and 200 SQYD. These houses feature an ingenious use of space and light. The design of the structures take into account privacy, ventilation and aesthetics etc.

At the central spine of the society lies the community centre and mosque. These set the ethereal mark as they combine architectural forces for the various units of the planned sub-urban area.

Community Centre

The community centre is a luxury that has its ties with the skies. It has its wings sprouting from the land, making itself a focal point from all angles of vision. Concrete, steel and glass constitute the basic material palette. The recessed intersection defines the entrance of the structure also serving the purpose of common spaces. The aerially diagonal masses, on the other hand, house a variety of recreational indoor and outdoor spaces such as community halls, cafes, gaming zones, theatre, restaurants and more. In addition to providing an architectural landmark to the housing society, the exhibited public arena aims to encourage sociability amongst the dwellers.


In contrast to the adjacent Community Centre that derives its inspiration from man-made concepts, the mosque of the Housing Society pays a tribute to the ultimate Creator.

The structure, though erected to form an indoor space, has a strong relationship with the outdoors. A concrete mesh features the dome, lined with glass, serving as inlets of light. The curves forming the boundaries, on the other hand, meld into the environment and embed a sense of fluidity in the air.

Seeing through the ribs on the walls are parks that surround the mass, while the minarets in all their divinity rise into becoming a part of nature.

In addition to these the plan accommodates schools and other necessary facilities, promising comfortable living.

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