The architecture of this residence features a stunning snowy Mediterranean style exterior. This comes along with aqua french window frames and wrought iron works for the terrace and balcony balustrades. Exterior design elements provide a wholesome view to the eyes. And the planning is such that it caters to the functional needs of the residents. Simultaneously, at each exterior angle of the house elements are balanced. The facade provides a grand view to the main entrance. While an angular view of the elevation balances the car porch with the full length french window of the double-heighted interior space. On the other hand, the rear consists of a wooden pergola and decent outdoor furniture. This adjusts a pool side for the family to enjoy and spend quality relaxing time at. We took privacy concerns into account while also contributing to aesthetic purposes.

The interior is a perfect mix of modern and ethnic elements. The staircase in particular at each step has a unique traditional tile pattern. It is well-lit and displays a sleek handrail and barrister having a metallic black finish. It does indeed represent both: modernity and tradition.

Similarly, the open kitchen displays a Spanish theme with a mint green colour and raw finish material palette. The island counter with its bar stools serves as a merging element for the kitchen and its adjacent living room. The lounge following the same theme, entails wooden furniture, patterned cushions complimenting the patterned rug, all tied together minimalistically. 

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