400 SQYD House Design and Construction

The concept for this residential project is to have a strong relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces so as to connect with nature and to make sure that the house breathes. 

The entrance of the house possesses a very strong axis towards the lounge. This further stretches to the wooden deck with a sculptural planter. The sitting area, which is a double-height space, eludes spatial richness. And ample natural light from the wide windows enliven its interior. Similarly, the brick wall and ethnic flooring exhibit an interesting contrast. These bind all elements of the room with their spirited paired presence.

The upper level follows a similar language. With some more dynamism the study area relates with nature and adds freshness to the facade. Furthermore, on the rear side of the residence a 6000 SQFT dwelling features several forms and functions; these interact with the design and plan. The spiral staircase leads to the roof. It creates juxtaposition for the straight modern lines running across the width and length of the elevation. While its wooden ribs and wooden deck maintain balance in the material composition. Perfectly complementing the structural mass of the residence is a courtyard that breathes well among natural plants in open air.

The open kitchen complies with the work triangle method of design for a smoother and efficient work flow. This makes the kitchen ‘dynamic spacer’ while also exhibiting a harmony between colours, textures and materials. A combination of matte finish on the pastel green cabinets, and gloss finish of the marble cladding complement well the course feel of the bricks. Similarly, the dining area of this residence exhibits an enlivening interplay of modern and ethnic elements. A use of warm and rustic tones have been put at play. In the form of wood, texture paint and bricks the modern furniture introduces a contrasting urbane impression to the space. On the other hand, an addition of patterned tiles across the floor and staircase steps gives an oriental touch to the space. This ethnic hint gives a distinct dimension of life to the room.

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