2000 SYD Residence Architecture & Interiors

This 2000-square-yard residential architecture and interiors offer a luxurious living experience. As you step into the house, a grand triple-height space with a central staircase creates a focal point. The strategic placement of utilities such as the kitchen and powder room at the front ensures convenience. On the other hand, three bedrooms at the rear provide a private retreat.

The rear of the house unfolds into a sprawling lawn, offering a serene backdrop for the flexible lounge. This inviting space seamlessly integrates with a courtyard and deck, providing a perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living.

Ascending to the first floor, an exquisite ensemble of four bedrooms, a terrace, and a lounge awaits. An open void enhances the upper level, allowing natural light to flow in.

The interior design embraces a sophisticated palette of monochromatic colors, with muted greys and beiges contributing to an open and grand ambiance. Large windows flood the interiors with daylight, enhancing the overall sense of spaciousness. A gracefully hanging chandelier adds a touch of opulence to the lounge.

Turning attention to the exterior, the facade showcases modern elegance with clean lines, textured grey concrete adding depth, and wooden screens introducing a tasteful aesthetic dimension.

Taking a sophisticated approach to residential architecture and interiors, in summary this 2000 syqd house offers a quietly luxurious living experience.

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