2,000 SQYD Modern Residential Architecture

If there were to be developed a more modern, man-made version of the woods it would be this 2000 SQYD Residence which enwraps an almost mystic aura round itself. With a use of hardcore earthy and rustic textures the design builds a natural habitat like environment. It aims to recreate experiences for the dwellers where they feel one with nature.

Wide windows making use of ample glass add an element of transparency to the structure while the balconies and outdoor seating arrangements encourage familial interaction and healthy living. The entrance on the other hand becomes a defining feature at the same time enhancing the sense of grandeur of the elevation.

The Pool view gives insight to another dazzling feature of the 2000 SQYD residence in the making.
Since the retreat is designed both for residential purposes and for hosting outdoor gatherings, the circular pool side deems fit for both leisure as well as social intents.