200 SQYD Contemporary Commercial Building

The elevation of this 200 sq. yards building located at Khyaban e Ittehad is a testament to modern design, characterized by a captivating interplay of linear elements. The scope of planning included architecture planning and design. A rhythmic sequence of metallic fins and solid concrete elements runs vertically across the facade, creating a dynamic visual impact. These linear features serve a dual purpose, not only lending a contemporary aesthetic but also strategically shading the building and generating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow. The color palette embraces neutral tones, with a sophisticated blend of blacks and beiges, exuding a timeless and elegant vibe. Large windows punctuate the facade, flooding the interiors with abundant natural light and fostering a connection between the inside and outside. A linear screen, thoughtfully integrated, contributes to shading while maintaining a sleek appearance. Adding a touch of vitality, greenery panels adorn the facade, infusing a sense of liveliness and harmony with the surrounding environment. Overall, this elevation encapsulates modernity, functionality, and aesthetic finesse in a seamless and balanced composition.