1000SQYD Shaheen Residence Architecture

This 1000SQYD Residence Architecture at Kh Shaheen is an example of contemporary design. This project seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living while maximizing natural light and ventilation. Additionally, the house is a harmonious fusion of sleek lines, innovative materials, and functional spaces.

The thoughtful planning of this 1000 square yards house begins with a foyer area upon entry. It features a captivating glass wall that provides views of the adjacent outdoor patio. From the foyer, a seamless transition leads to a formal lounge. In turn, it connects to a flexible dining area with an adjoining kitchen. Glass sliding doors in the dining area open to reveal a pool, enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Likewise, transparency is a key design element, achieved through strategically placed glass walls, infusing the interiors with light and openness. A staircase from the dining area leads to the upper floor levels. At the rear, a casual lounge extends to two master bedrooms, ensuring a balance of private and shared spaces on the ground floor.

The first floor continues the well-thought-out design with a dining lounge and three additional rooms, accompanied by two master bedrooms. The basement level unfolds as a dynamic space, housing a multipurpose hall for various activities, a formal dining area, and dedicated recreational zones such as a gym and a theatre.

The exterior of the house showcases clean, minimalistic lines with a mix of natural elements and modern finishes. Inside the house, an open-concept layout creates a sense of spaciousness and fluidity. The living areas seamlessly transition from one to another, with carefully designed furniture arrangements that maximize both comfort and aesthetics.

The fenestrations, or the arrangement of windows, are a standout feature of this modern house. Expansive windows take their place strategically and capture breathtaking views as well as flood the interiors with natural light throughout the day. These windows come in various shapes and sizes, creating an architectural rhythm that adds character to the façade. Some windows might be fixed and rectangular, while others could be operable and designed to open up, allowing for cross ventilation and a closer connection to nature.

Furthermore, the focal point of the design is the courtyard, which serves as a private oasis that connects the various living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a visual continuity between the interior and exterior and surrounds the courtyard. While lush greenery, a small water feature, and comfortable seating areas, landscape this space, providing an inviting environment for relaxation and entertainment.

The choice of materials is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. Neutral color palettes dominate the interior, with splashes of color introduced through art pieces and furnishings. Hardwood or polished concrete floors provide a sense of warmth and durability.

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