1000 SQYD Private Residence Architecture Design and Planning

This 1000 SQYD private residence architecture design and planning project is located in DHA Phase VIII, Karachi. The scope for which included architecture planning and design. The design approach for the façade emphasizes modernity and precision, employing straight and contemporary geometric lines for its exterior. 

Upon entering, a spiral staircase serves as the focal point, welcoming you to the foyer. The ground floor offers a perfect blend of private and communal areas. Additionally, it feature a private lounge, a communal lounge, four bedrooms and designated drawing and dining spaces.

Ascending to the first floor, the staircase divides the family lounges into two distinct spaces. This floor boasts two drawing rooms, two dining areas, and four well-appointed bedrooms, emphasizing both design and functionality. The basement entails a servant room and a spacious storage area, ensuring household management. The architectural layout seamlessly combines luxury and functionality, creating a harmonious living space for both intimate retreats and communal gatherings.

Monochromatic shades of grey are utilized for the exterior. Wooden elements introduce the doors and balconies to break the monotony and to add warmth to the facade. This provides a touch of nature and creates a pleasing contrast against the smooth monochromatic surfaces. Furthermore this adds depth and texture to the overall design.

One of the distinctive features of the residence is the incorporation of bay windows on the first floor. By virtue of these bay windows, the architects have introduced a sense of depth and protruded massing to the structure. Hence, breaking away from the flatness often associated with modern designs.

In summary, the 1000 square yard residence in DHA Phase VIII embodies modern architectural principles through its straight and geometric lines, monochromatic tones, complemented by natural elements like wood and a play of protruding massing elements.

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