1000 SQYD English Country House Design

Presenting a 1000 SQYD Modern English Country House which, with its timeless Architecture Design and Planning evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. This is a turnkey project near completion and is situated at DHA’s prime location Phase VIII, near Nueplex, KHI.

The plan of this residence spans across 3 levels – Basement, Ground and First Floor, with a Solar paneled Rooftop, all taking into account the bye-laws of DHA.

The Basement has been kept well-ventilated with ample inlets of natural light enlivening the space. This level mostly accommodates recreational areas for the family. For the Ground Floor, a mix of private and public spaces has been added to the plan, with the swimming pool seeing through the foyer and living room. The formal dining and living rooms, however, show a level of seclusion and are further described in the text below. Three bedrooms are a part of this floor with the main kitchen following the rulings of a dynamic spacer kitchen for its design and plan. The First Floor, on the other hand, is organized into a more private space with most of the remaining bedrooms accommodated here. Along with this is a smaller kitchen, sunroom, and living room as common spaces for the family to bond over.

Taking the house to new heights of divine opulence, the formal dining and living room pay homage to the Modern French style of Interior Design. This space gives an utter sense of drama and refinement with its shades of the royal colour purple and monochromes. Natural light falling from the wide windows rests with pride on the richly detailed pieces of furniture and decor, each telling its own story of grandeur and finesse.

Delineating a more contemporary touch the living room has been designed on straight modern lines with blue hues enlivening the room. The geometric rug, television wall unit and porcelain tiles create a refined play of patterns along the wall and floor while the sputnik chandelier adds an unconventional contemporary element to the interior.

Seeing through the living room and foyer is a swimming pool planned right below the double heighted sunroom. The most awaited ‘me-time’ of the day cannot be spent any better than reading a book at this relaxing spot.

The stairway at this ground level leads you to the literally ‘under-lying’ retreat of the residence that harbours an indoor gaming space, bar, gym, library and theatre within it. As minimal and sleek as it could be, that corner uses an array of basic materials and textures, giving it a sculptural look. The suspended steps, on the other hand, eliminate visual obstructions and connect the two levels seamlessly. A rejuvenating spot where the family can bond over drinks, and can also individually spend quality time with oneself.

Another highlight of this residence is the Master Bedroom which is a space serene to the mind and pleasing to the eyes. It presents a well-thoughtout juxtaposition of the matte finish laminated television backdrop with the gleaming marble wall, adding a chic element to the bedroom. The reading corner at the bay window coupled with a soft colour palette begets a comfortably calm environment for the dweller.

The remaining bedrooms feature similar yet different themes for the design depending upon the preference and taste of the space owner.

The elevation, lastly, showcases clay tiles cladded on its sloping roof, neatly trimmed windows and natural stone; all contributing to the timeless beauty and aesthetics of the Modern English Country House residence.

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