A Case for Kalabagh and More

Why the government needs to build political support for the Kalabagh dam for the sake of Pakistan's future.

Office Acoustics

How to achieve a calm office environment where workers can acquire speech privacy?

Kitchen Plan and Design

Exploring the basics of aesthetically appealing and highly functional dynamic spacer kitchens.

Vertical Farming: Feeding the Future

The ultimate solution to feed the growing population without cutting down forests for more farmland.

Water Desalination to Address Water Scarcity in Karachi

DHA Cogen Desalination plant needs to be revived to alleviate the chronic water shortage crisis.

Universal / Inclusive / Handicapable Design

A Design paradigm that empowers the disabled and enables them to use the same facilities as everyone else

Corporate Office Interiors

How Office design can help you motivate your employees, increase their productivity and reduce energy bills.

A Guide to Timber Frame Buildings

Busting myths and highlighting the pros of Timber Frames.

Can Plastic Reinforced Concrete be a Solution to Karachi's Plastic Waste Issue?

An innovative solution to reduce plastic waste in landfills, resulting in stronger and reliable building materials.

Green Building Standards in Pakistan

Each day there is an increase in the CO2 emission sourcing from the built environment.

Integrated Coastal Management for Karachi Beaches

Proposing our study on Integrated Coastal Management for Karachi's most visited sea spots.

A Guide to Cladding

Improve a building's aesthetic appeal and maximize its thermal performance.

Mitticool – Clay Refrigerator

A refrigerator that uses traditional technology and runs without the use of electricity.

Post Tension Design VS. RCC Design

All the contrasting details you need to know about Post Tension and RCC design.

Light Weight and Energy Efficient Bricks

A revolutionary product which caters the need of sustainability.

Clifton and Defence – Livable City Karachi

Looking forward to more revitalizing city spaces, with advanced landscaping solutions.

AQUATECTURE (Water & Architecture)

Constructing human habitations in the 71% of the Earth's surface that is covered by water

High Rise and Beyond

Catering to the growing population without destroying farmland or natural spaces