Since its inception our group of energetic, dedicated, entrepreneurial professionals has taken in hand and successfully executed an impressive number of high-profile projects earning widespread acclaim.

Landscape has displayed with dexterity its expertise in designing and constructing purpose-built facilities/ living spaces.

Our trust-rating, amongst our clients as well as market peers, has been consistently on the rise and constitutes a major spur for our resolution to continue to take our performance to the next level of excellence.

We are proud of the assignments, undertakings and projects we have completed, working on or are in a process of negotiating.

You may view the projects in our Gallery.


- Western Union Regional Office Design Build
- Clariant Denim Fashion House & Conference Room Design Build
- Archroma Executive Floor Interior Design Build
- Intel Pakistan Office Remodeling -Design Build
- Habib Bank Limited Treasury Department Remodeling
- Galaxy Pharma Building (B+G+2) Architecture & Interior Design Build
- Imperial Star Nakshbandi Textile Office Interior Design
- USAID - JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. Office Interior Design    Turnkey
- Clariant Pakistan Procurement Floor Remodeling
- IoBM Power House Extention Design Build
- Mehran Poultry Services Office Interior Design
- NGO 'Plan International Pakistan' Office Interior Remodeling
- ALFA Brands Lab & Product Display Design Build
- Alfarid Corporation Limited Office Interior Design Build
- Ghazi Enterprises Office Remodeling Turnkey
- IT Systems Office Renovation Complete Proposal
- English Biscuit Manufacturers Office Interior Design
- Nestle Pakistan Water Distribution Facility - Building Design Proposal
- Carlson Wagonlit Lahore & Karachi Offices Interior Design
- Cemtex Office Interior Design
- Red Comm Remodeling Proposal of Old Bungalow Office
- Pakistan Tobacco Company Office Remodeling Design Proposal
- Abdullah Group Office Interior Design Proposal
- Aid-ASP Office Interior Design
- Ashfaq Associates Office Interior Design
- URS Office Interior Design Proposal
- Al Ghousia Office Remodeling Proposal
- ZK Towers - Lobby & Office Floor Interior Design
- Qureshi Flour Mills Office Interior Design


- Charm Handbags & Shoe Store Interior Design
- Bling Accessories Store Interior Design
- HUB Retail Outlet Interior Design
- Iran & Bukhara Palace Showroom Elevation Remodeling Design
- Meat Shoppe Interior Design & Opportunity Analysis
- Shahbaz Restaurant Café Design & Cost Analysis
- Wilson Art Store Interior Design
- Japanese Restaurant Interior Design Complete Proposal
- Diagnostic Centre - Building Architecture Planning & Design
- Bobalicious Kiosk Design
- Chainak Kiosk - Design Reviews & Proposal
- Bachat Ghar Design Proposal


- Galaxy Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
- Archroma Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
- G+16 Jumeirah Village Circle, UAE


- Landscape Model Beach House Design & Construction
- Mr. Puri Beach Hut Design & Construction at Turtle Beach
- Mr. Dada Beach Hut Design & Construction at Hawksbay
- Mr. Dossa Beach Hut Design


- Mr. Ahmed 1000 SQYD House Design
- Mr. K Naseem House Portion Interior Design Build
- Mrs. Anis 1000 SQYD House Facade and Interior Design
- Mr. Awan Private Retreat Farmhouse Architectural Design
- Mr. Kalam 200 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Shaikh 800 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. SA Spanish House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Ahsan Bath Island Clifton Apartment Interior Design
- 500 SQYD House Interior - Khayaban-e-Shujaat
- Mr. Mansoor 300 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Sunelwala 300 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Munir Residence Elevation Remodeling Design
- Mr. T Haider 500 SQYD House Interior Design
- Mr. Qureshi Creek Vista Apartment Interior Design
- Mr. Hussain Ali Apartment Interior Design Build
- Mr. Mughal 500 SQYD Bungalow Design
- Mrs. Raza House Extension Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Ghouri 1000 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mrs. Farah Vacation Apartment Interior Designing
- Mr. Adenwala 1000 SQYD House Interior & Patio Design
- Mr. Hussain 500 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design Build
- Mr. Rind 1000 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Rashid House Elevation Design
- Mrs. Masood House Elevation Remodeling
- Mr. Chaudhry Sea View Apartment Interior Design
- Mr. Hayyan 500 SQYD House Interior Design
- Mr. Chand 500 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Majeed 500 SQYD Residence Architecture Planning & Design
- Mr. Tariq 1000 SQYD House Elevation Remodeling
- Mr. Zia 100 SQYD House Architecture Planning & Design


- British Medical Journal Office Building Interior Design, UK
- Furniture Showroom Design in Accra, Ghana Africa
- Mr. Mukaty Residence in Dubai, UAE
- Shaikh Residence Design in Kuwait
- Bludan Retail Display Design in Qatar
- Xbody Store Design in Abu Dhabi, UAE
- Multicomplex Jumeirah Village Circle, UAE
- Building Design in Abu Dhabi, UAE


- Habib University, Roof Terrace Design-Built
- KSBL History Wall Design
- Mrs. Mehsum Zen Garden Design
- Water Sports Facility Design Proposal & Feasibility Study
- CBC Urban Planning Uplift Design Proposal
- Roof Garden Design Build
- NE Out House Annexe Architectural Design
- Air Blue Memorial Design Proposal

 For Landscape Pvt. Ltd. and Client privilege, we have mentioned individual clients' initials only instead of complete names.