Landscape PLC is your one-stop, 360-degree design-build firm. We firmly believe in creating a unique environment for our valued clients individually.
In line with the stated business philosophy, the Architects at Landscape take up every assignment as a distinctive proposition; and strategically plan the space based on functionality and the client's design objectives and preferences, each project receives focused attention as an artistic pursuit, be it a plot of land, a new house design, building or a remodeling project. This involves conceptual design and schematics, wind-and-sun path study, zoning, layout, working drawings and engineering plans.

Our modernistic Architects are equally adept at creating, and recreating, Contemporary, Modern and Mediterranean designs. Team Landscape has already gained a reputation in the market for producing purposeful and aesthetically pleasing ambience with dexterous use of open and green spaces, traditional and modern geometric patterns, dramatic placement of windows and water bodies and curves facilitating the flow and continuity of the basic design.

To facilitate its clients in the UK, Pakistan, Dubai and elsewhere, Landscape offers voluntary, augmented services undertaking the task of getting necessary approvals, in accordance with the relevant by-laws, from the concerned civic agencies like - Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority (PDOHA) in Pakistan, Watford and Harrow Councils in the UK, and Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai. Our staff ensures a hassle-free, quicker pace of official documentation on behalf of the clients, to their entire satisfaction.


Landscape prepares architectural and engineering drawings for construction. BOQ (Bill of Quantities) details the materials, specifications, quantities and unit prices that define the cost of project.

It includes the drawings of structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Submission and completion drawings are also produced. Our professional team consists of Board of Directors, Master Planner, Principal Architect, Chief Architect, Senior and Assistant Architects and Interior Designers, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structure Engineer, 3D Artists, CAD Operators, Site Engineer and Supervisors, Project Coordinator, Masons, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, Polisher, Electricians, Plumbers and Support Staff to manage and supervise.


Landscape also manages the project for a fee that includes coordinating with contractor, purchasing materials, security of materials at site and conducting an overall supervision in line with client's specific project objectives.


Landscape has some of the finest Architects on board who are highly experienced and registered with PCATP and IAP, and follow the principals of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). They focus on designing green buildings allowing energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor environment, adding value to space and reducing its complexity.

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